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Exported GIS Map Layers Available for Download

Basic Layers from the MCM-LTER spatial data holdings have been exported and symbolized, and they are available for download here.

  • (10MB)

    This file contains vector map layers, including:

    • glaciers
    • lakes and ponds
    • streams - monitored, and not monitored
    • topo lines - 50m
    • ocean
    • glacier stake locations
    • met station locations
    • stream gauge locations
    • camp locations

    Note - many layer features are also encoded with URLs to up-to-date data on this website. For a more complete description of available layers, please check out the README file.

  • (very large file - 125MB)

    This file contains raster base layers, including:

    • 30m DEM made from USGS Topo map
    • SPOT Satellite Image 39-558
    • LANDSAT 7 Satellite Image

    Note - the SPOT and LANDSAT layers are not MCM-LTER data products.

  • Polar Geospatial Center Antartic Map resources - downloadable, searchable, viewable (login required) maps of Antarctica (exit site)


Non-Georeferenced Maps

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