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  Field Team Members Blogging from Antarctica - 2008-2009

Read MCM field team members' stories about their life and research activities in Antarctica as they blog from the field during the 2008-2009 season. Yes, we have wireless Internet in Antarctica! (These external links are not maintained by MCM-LTER)

  • Robin Ellwood - TREC teacher and dive master. Click on "Ms. Ellwood's Journal" for excellent daily updates, photos, and videos!
  • The World of Nematodes - The wormherders' journal of photos and stories from the field.
  • Polar Soils - Post-doc Becky Ball at Dartmouth college is studying soil carbon cycling, stoichiometry and soil biota in the Dry Valleys. She's writing for elementary and middle school classes.
  • Kathy Welch - Analytical chemist, geochemist, and golden beaker.
  • Corey Wilson - graduate student with the Stream Team.
  • Chris Gardner - Analytical chemist, geochemist. Chris will be answering questions from Erin Dowling's 2nd grade class in Columbus, OH.
  • Andrew Baber - Student from Montana State University



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